Metal Wires

Fort Wayne Metals are the market leader for custom-drawn precision wire for medical and surgical products in the United States.
Whether you’re looking for round wire or flat wire of any shape, strands or composites like DFT®, Titanium alloys or Nitinol, Fort Wayne Metals will custom draw the product you need.

Round Wire

Flat Wire

Flatwire, also referred to as ribbon wire, exhibits a smooth, bright surface finish and can be produced to tight tolerances. Fort Wayne Metals utilizes two manufacturing techniques in order to produce two different types of radius edged flatwire: rolled and drawn. Flatwire is available in all alloys. 

Shaped wire:

Shaped wire allows you to leverage the versatility of non standard profiles. From triangles to crescent shapes, or wire with a continuous helical groove, we manufacture shaped wire in a variety of alloys. To do this, we use specialized tooling and processing, creating a unique construction that decreases the overall cross-sectional area.

We make a number of standard shapes, but we’re always willing to push the boundaries. If the shapes below aren’t what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to start a conversation about custom shaped wire.

DFT® Wire

DFT® wire is a metal-to-metal composite developed to combine the desired physical and mechanical attributes of two or more materials into a single wire or ribbon system.
SLT® Wire:
SLT® wire combines excellent straightness and torqueability. The SLT wire process eliminates the need for mechanical straightening and heat treatments.

Nitinol Wire

Fort Wayne Metals manufactures wire products from various grades of Nickel-Titanium or Nitinol commonly used in medical applications. Nitinol combines two closely related unique characteristics: shape memory and superelasticity. more info



Bio-Medical Coatings

Fort Wayne Metals has the ability to provide a variety of coated wire and cable configurations comprising a biocompatible sheath, lubricious barrier, or other medical grade material of your choice. It is common for Fort Wayne Metals to work with bioconductors that require an isolated electrical signal. In these instances, selection of the appropriate dielectric material is critical. Our engineering team can assist with the selection and design of any coating configuration. Electrical insulation is just one of many reasons why coatings are applied for wire based medical applications. Other considerations may include: chemical isolation, lubricity, or surface preparation. Fort Wayne Metals is always open to exploring new coatings for a variety of medical applications.

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