Metal Plating

ProPlate® has pioneered selective precious metal plating innovations for medical devices and applications such as balloon catheters, radiopaque markers, and catheter-based components and continues to be an industry-leading electroplater.

Radiopaque Marker Coating

Vizi-Band® is a radiopaque marker coating innovation. It is a proprietary metal coating process that atomically bonds directly to a catheter, guidewire, stent, or similar component. The highly radiopaque and biocompatible metal coating can be selectively applied to any section of the desired component, with endless options for customization depending on the application and intended use. Vizi-Band® is a replacement for traditional marker bands with potential performance and cost advantages.

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Selectively Coat Metal onto Polymers

Meta-Poly ® is a proprietary plating process that atomically bonds metal directly to a polymer substrate without using toxic chromic acid. Although medical device uses for Meta-Poly® are vast, it is especially exciting for catheter applications. With this innovation, manufacturers can precisely add current-conducting paths onto polymers. The type of metal is tailored to the application, and Meta-Poly® can be selectively applied to the desired component with endless design options.

Medical – Electrodes on Medical Balloons

Medical balloons require electrodes and trace patterns to connect to leads for ablation and sensor purposes. The electrodes and material must be bio-compatible for use in the human body during operations. The traditional options to integrate circuitry on a flexible polymer are mechanically bonding a conductive paint or adhesive-backed foil to the polymer substrate. Alternatively, ProPlate’s Meta-Poly® technology allows for an atomically bonded layer of pure Gold for electrical conductivity, biocompatibility, and reduced risk…

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Potential Applications

NdFeB Magnet Plating

Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets:

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