Cable and Strands

Strands and cables are ideal for applications requiring greater strength and flexibility than a single wire filament can achieve. These highly engineered products often utilize complex constructions or processes to enhance fatigue life, power, flexibility, torque, stiffness and smoothness.

Strands and cables can be offered on spools, discrete lengths and fully assembled. Fort Wayne Metals manufactures strands and cables in a variety of sizes and constructions, ranging from ultra-fine or miniature strands with diameters below 0.003″ to cables up to 0.125″ in diameter since tolerances vary depending on diameter, construction, swaging, or drawing.

Fort Wayne Metals manufactures medical-grade multi-filament strands and cables in customized configurations for a variety of critical applications.
Cable Assembly

Custom assemblies from the cable experts.
When you need a cable-based assembly for your medical device or implantable system, there’s no better partner than Fort Wayne Metals. As an experienced manufacturer of medical materials, we have a deep understanding of which alloys are suitable for your purpose, and how to draw them into wires that can withstand the demands of your application. As an experienced cabling house, we work with virtually all conceivable strand and cable constructions, and know advantages and disadvantages of each.
And as an ISO 13485-certified custom assembly facility, we have the equipment, the people and the experience to construct the best possible assembly from the most suitable components.

In order to give your assembly the highest possible level of
functionality within your device, our engineers work with you
from the initial inquiry through full production. We can provide computer generated models to define concepts and assist with your development efforts – and we will work hand in hand with your engineering and development staff on a project basis, providing full program development including full PPAP submission.

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