Titanium Bars

Titanium Bars - Dental Implants

Fort Wayne Metals is the leader in providing centerless ground bar to the dental implant industry. For decades, we’ve met the critical challenges and supply-chain demands of the world’s leading medical and dental companies. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services superbly position Fort Wayne Metals to support the dental implant market.

We are uniquely qualified to be your partner in dental implant research and development. Our experienced engineering team routinely collaborates in designing solutions and specifications for a wide range of applications. And our customized production commonly supports R&D quantities of less than 15 lbs.

Extensive in-house capabilities allow us to quickly develop the most effective cost/performance ratios. And, we keep lead times as short as possible to protect your competitive edge in a time-sensitive market. You can count on Fort Wayne Metals for the quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness you need to succeed in today’s dental implant industry.

Alloy Information

Fort Wayne Metals has a long history in optimizing alloys for the dental implant industry. Alloys are selected for corrosion resistance, fatigue, strength and biocompatibility. The following alloys are commonly used in dental implant applications and include cobalt-based, titanium alloys, CP titanium, implant-grade stainless steel and instrumentation-grade stainless steel.

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